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*Lebak Bulus/BSD City/Gading Serpong stores open continuously (10:00-17:00)
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*We do not accept electric pianos and keyboards
except for trade-ins with classical acoustic pianos.

Tukar Tambah Piano

The Largest Used Piano Store in Indonesia.

Please come and try our various brands of used pianos.

The piano is good, the seller's response is fast and the price negotiation is fast too😁 plus you get a small bonus that makes you happy when you receive the piano at home. Thank you seller!!

Nevi Tambunan Yamaha U1A

The service is fast and good👍

Henry Kusumo Yamaha U1

Service is fast and friendly. Thank you very much Mr Temmy. Hopefully more successful.

Imelda Issabela Yamaha U1 NG

Thank you very much for the service, Piano Boutique is very good, very helpful, fast response, and quality. Highly recommended buying and selling here. Thank you very much, sis.

Irma Soelaiman Yamaha LU80

Butik Piano is very responsive and good service all the way from quotation, pickup service and payment. Good Job

Johan Armento Tokai

Pak Temmy was very responsive when I contacted him to sell the piano. The price offered is also very reasonable. Thank you, Tommy.

Jual Piano Bekas Yamaha JU109PE
Ming Santoso Yamaha JU109PE

Recommendations for looking for a second piano at a very reasonable price... lots of choices, the owner informs very clearly about each piano...

Dyah Kaharrukmi Yamaha LU80PE

Quality Used Piano

Ruth Yolanda Fransisca Pangaribuan Yamaha LU80PE

Thank you for helping with my piano sales process. Fast Response. Continued success for the business and Trust always. Amen!

Deasy Rianty Van Urk

Quality assurance, I've bought and sold pianos at this store twice and never disappoint.

Hedi wahidin Yamaha JU109PE

In just 2 hours, my piano was bought and paid for in full. Recommended for those who want to sell- buy a piano. Super fast response without beating around the bush.

Lisa Felisia Pearl River SU108

There are many and varied choices of pianos but still of high quality, the service is super okay 🙏 thank you

Indah Permatasari Kawai CE7

Friendly sellers, piano quality & specs as expected, competitive prices & guaranteed. Highly recommended!

Maria Rosaline Yamaha U3G

The quality of the piano is really ok, satisfied and according to expectations 👍👍

Jual Piano Bekas Kawai KU-3
Linia Agustin Kawai KU3B

Thank you for service. The quality of the piano is very good. very satisfied. Recommendations for those who are looking for a piano 👍

Jual Piano Bekas Kawai NS-30
julia karmendra Kawai NS30

Thanks for the piano. Good service, providing suggestions for appropriate piano products, reasonable prices, okay piano quality. Basically recommended

Karlita Soebekti Kawai CX-5H

Keren sih malem hub langsung di samperin bayar angkut.. terus sukses dan amanah.

Almeera Syahira Yamaha U1 Nippon Gakki

Service memuaskan. Saya menjual Piano, harganya wajar, sesuai harga market. Mantap. Semoga maju terus "Butik Piano"

Ronny Kurniawan Yamaha U2H

Pelayanan sangat baik. Pengiriman cepat

Robert Lumintaintang Kawai K8

Servicenya ok banget.

Ratih Mariana Yamaha JX113
Harga Piano Upright Bekas
Big sound in a compact form. Affordable piano prices. Available in various models. Start your piano learning journey with our Upright Piano!
Prices for Used Grand Piano​​
Thunderous power sound. Captivating form. The best materials. Satisfy your musical soul with our Grand Piano!
Prices for New Piano​​
Are you looking for the price of a new piano? We provide upright and grand pianos with a wide range of brands, as well as ex-display pianos. Find out more here!

About Us

Butik Piano Jual Beli Piano Bekas Terbesar di Indonesia, toko piano bekas kami menyediakan lebih dari 100 unit piano baru / second kualitas terbaik di kelasnya dengan harga yang bersahabat dan bergaransi.

Accept cash or credit with installment options up to 3 years, and the requirements are easy with just a photocopy of your ID card. The process is simple.

Terima tukar tambah khusus Piano Bekas Yamaha dan Kawai. Garansi 3thn sparepart services Gratis stem 2x Gratis pengiriman Jabodetabek Gratis bangku piano dan lainnya.

Playing piano is one of the most popular activities among people of all ages. The young, old, and children love playing the piano. It's not surprising that parents support their children to start playing the piano from an early age. There's no need to buy a brand new piano. Learning classical piano can start with a used piano. In addition to being more affordable, children are still in the growing stage, so they need the right piano for beginners. That's why I chose a used piano for my child. As they grow older, the size of the beginner piano will no longer be suitable for their body posture and fingers, so it needs to be adjusted to their needs. When choosing a used piano at a piano boutique, we are very selective in finding the previous owner who has taken good care of the piano regularly, such as tuning it regularly, keeping it away from rats and termites, and not forgetting to install a piano heater if needed to maintain the humidity of the wood and keep the upright piano performance for our children. Yamaha used pianos,, Kawai used pianos, and Petrof used pianos are some of the best piano brands that have received the most positive response from parents due to their beautiful and melodious sound and quality mechanics.

What about you? If you're interested in this used upright piano, please come and try it out.

Butik Piano
Why Choose Us?
No need to worry about your piano getting damaged. We provide a 3-year warranty for any damages on your piano!
No need to worry about selling your piano. We provide a buy-back guarantee if your piano is no longer in use!
We provide the best quality at an affordable price!
Wherever you are, we are ready to ship your piano! Your piano's safety is ensured with our custom-made wooden packing!
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6 Hal Membeli di Toko Piano Bekas kami adalah sebuah solusi terbaik:
• We guarantee the authenticity of all our products we sell
• Inspection, Certification, Warranty for Used Pianos up to 3 years
• Free Piano Tuning
• Competitive prices
• Free shipping (in certain areas)
• Purchase bonuses
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