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Jual Piano Fazioli F278

Fazioli F278 Specification:

Handmade in Italy Condition: Used Length: 278cm Color: Black 3 pedals (Sustain, Damper, and Soft)

Why buy the Fazioli F278 at Butik Piano?

1 year warranty for spare parts and service Free tuning 3 times Free shipping within Jabodetabek area Available for nationwide shipping

The accessories that will be obtained:

Tuts Cover
Cover Piano
Piano Bench

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Trade-In Program

We also provide a trade-in program for your used piano/keyboard and we also accept the purchase of your used piano! In addition, we also provide new (and used) pianos with the following brands: Steinway & Sons, Boston, Essex, Petrof, Kawai, Schumann, Pearl River, Pramberger, Ritmuller, and Harrodser

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