Selling a Used Kawai Piano

Selling used Kawai pianos available in heights ranging from 108cm to 131cm
The higher the piano, the more powerful the sound it produces
Beli piano bekas Kawai di showroom toko piano bekas kami dibuat di Jepang dan berkualitas tinggi!
The difference between each type with the same height lies in the year of production. Stock and prices are subject to change at any time.
Please contact us to find out the available stock!

Height 108cm - 115cm

Height 124cm

Height 126cm

Height 128cm

Height 131cm

Discover the variety of quality Kawai piano models at Butik Piano

Butik Piano is the ideal place for those seeking quality Kawai pianos at the best prices. This article will discuss every Kawai piano model you need, providing a clear overview of each model's features and advantages, as well as why Butik Piano is the best choice for buying used Kawai pianos.

Upright Piano Kawai:

  1. Kawai CX4 & Kawai CX5Known for their elegant design and rich sound, both models offer a satisfying piano playing experience.

  2. Kawai CE7N & Kawai Ns10This model offers exceptional sound quality with advanced technology that ensures optimal responsiveness when played.

  3. Kawai K8 & Kawai KU1Designed with high precision, this model is suitable for advanced players who appreciate quality and precision.

  4. Kawai BL31 & Kawai BL12Combining beautiful design and superior sound quality, this model is the perfect choice for concert halls or your private music space.

  5. Kawai K30 & Kawai KS1FWith affordable prices, both models offer exceptional sound quality and are the right choice for piano learners.

  6. Kawai KS2F & Kawai KU1BThis model offers the perfect balance between price and quality, suitable for piano players of various skill levels.

  7. Kawai BL51 & Kawai KU2With elegant design and distinctive sound, both models are suitable for concerts or piano performances at various events

  8. Kawai KU3B & Kawai KU3DWith state-of-the-art technology, both models provide a realistic and satisfying piano playing experience.

Baby Grand & Kawai Grand Piano :

  1. Kawai Baby Grand KG1 & Kawai Baby Grand GM10: Known for their elegant design and melodious sound, both models are suitable for your living room or music space.

  2. Kawai Baby Grand 350 & Kawai Grand 500: Offering exceptional sound quality and high precision, both models are valuable long-term investments.

  3. Kawai Grand KG2 & Kawai Grand KG3Designed with perfect detail, both models are the right choice for concerts or professional recording studios.

By choosing Butik Piano, you will receive quality service and competitive prices for every Kawai piano model you select. Don't hesitate to contact us for further information or visit our store to view the complete collection of available Kawai pianos.

Unable to find the price of the used piano you're looking for? Please contact our used piano store showroom, and we will help you find your desired product!

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